Meet Our Team!


It all started when…

Shaded Trail began in 2015 after we adopted our puppy who began to have tummy issues. As we browsed the isles of our pet stores, we were shocked by how hard it was to find treats that were not filled with meat, fillers, artificial flavors and a bunch of stuff you can’t pronounce - so we started making our own at home.

Our friends and family quickly started asking us for more and more, and so began Shaded Trails! We knew we wanted our treats to be animal product free, grain free, and made only with simple, natural human grade ingredients. We quickly started researching which fruits and vegetables benefit our pets health. We met with veterinarians and animal nutritionists who explained that some of the top allergy triggers in dogs are protein sources like beef, chicken, and other meat-based ingredients that you find in a large number of the dog treats in the aisles today.  

So, we put on our aprons got to work formulating and experimenting with all kinds of different vegan dog treat recipes. We spent countless hours mixing and baking different gluten and grain free ingredients with the natural fruits and veggies our dogs already loved eating. After many months and different recipes, we finally found the perfect combinations.  And so it began…our mission of ensuring that you will always have a choice in how you treat your best friend.